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Micro-channel sweep the
  • Color Polypropylene FDY fibre
  • Color Polypropylene FDY fibre
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  • The company produces a colored PP FDY yarn, ribbon industry (shoelace, bag belt, ribbon, shuttleless, etc.).

    High-strength PP FDY Upjohn filament (150D-2000D) applies in the backpack, construction safety nets, car seat, ribbon industry (lace fabric, lace, strap, ribbon, shuttleless band) and so on. The production of company concurrently elastic band, ribbon, complete product specifications to OEM. This product is environmentally friendly materials, non-polluting, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, light weight, chemical resistance, recyclable granulation, and other effects. Welcome to call just discuss business.

    PP FDY yarn classifications are: black, whitening, color, white;

    The company's main production and operation (polypropylene fiber polypropylene polypropylene filament polypropylene fdy yarn DTY FDY filament polypropylene fiber polypropylene polypropylene ROR elastic band elastic band elastic band polypropylene ribbon polypropylene filament polypropylene elastic band)

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