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[Garment companies are getting ]
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Apparel companies are getting harder and harder now. The reasons are:


1. The order is getting smaller

This is easy to understand. Consumers are becoming more and more rational, do n’t like to wear the same clothes, and more and more personalized.


In the past, many textile and garment factories used to receive orders, and each one was often tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pieces. Once the goods were shipped, at least one cabinet, or even a few cabinets, but now there are very few such customers. Even if there is a cabinet, it is rarely a model, but many models, many colors, and even many singles are combined together. It is normal for a model to have hundreds of colors in one model, so now the requirements for the factory That ’s too high, many factory owners and managers often get rid of this, many bills and models need to be processed continuously, and the procurement requirements are also high. In the past, one material can be purchased a lot, and it is not afraid of a little more, and the bargaining power is also Strong, now it is often seen that the minimum order quantity cannot be reached, and you can only find it on the market yourself, which requires higher warehouse management capabilities for garment factories.


2. Intense competition

Due to the large number of garment factories, many small factories have lowered prices one by one in order to grab orders. Bottom of thin profits. This mutual harm is to dig the grave.


3. Current status of foreign orders

Because of the spread of the epidemic in foreign countries, and foreign countries' lack of control over the epidemic! As a result, the economic exchanges between countries are interrupted and they are in a state of halt! The manufacturers that haven't shipped here, suppress the goods and the funds! Cry without tears! , The manufacturer who has received the order cannot rush to the delivery date normally and cancel the order! Some of them are because even if they arrive in time, the goods cannot be cleared to the shore and cancelled!


4. Domestic sales status

Traditional wholesale route manufacturers, most of the opening year, directly cut the entire first half of the year, spring and summer production, do not cut off! Even if the sale made at the end of last year is finished, now we can start to play the autumn and winter boards directly!


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