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["Reusable Daily Protective Mas]
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On April 29, the T / CSTM00387-2020 "Reusable Daily Protective Mask" group standard formulated by China Textile Research Institute and China Textile Standards as the first and second drafters of the standard was officially released. The Comprehensive Standards Field Committee of the Test Group Standards Committee will be implemented on July 29, 2020.


Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the demand for daily protective masks has blown out across the country, and the dilemma of "a mask is hard to find" has spawned a boom to expand production and create masks. This "emergency" situation played a very important role in epidemic prevention and control. The storage period and number of disposable protective masks are limited. Once an emergency such as an epidemic occurs, it is difficult to meet the demand. The reusable daily protective masks are made of special materials and have a longer validity period, which can be stored for a long time to meet emergencies. Emergency needs at the time of the incident; in addition, the use of disposable protective masks places a heavy burden on the environment. The world is facing the problem of waste disposal, and it has also caused a waste of resources to a certain extent. The world is calling for reductions in the use of disposable products To actively promote the use of recyclable products. The promulgation and implementation of this standard will provide important technical support for the production, purchase and supervision of reusable daily protective masks.


The standard specifies the terms and definitions, classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, labeling, storage and transportation of reusable daily protective masks. It is suitable for reusable protective masks worn in daily life to filter out particulate matter in the air and block dust, smoke, droplets, microorganisms, pollen, catkins, etc.


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