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It is understood that the lack of orders has become the first difficulty faced by enterprises in production and operation. According to the survey results, more than 60% of the companies reported that there were insufficient orders. In addition, because the epidemic is still not over, commercial entities have not fully resumed normal operations, passenger traffic is also seriously less than normal, and poor sales channels are an important issue facing domestic companies at this stage. In addition to the decline in orders, export companies have also experienced situations in which their goods have been stranded overseas or rejected.


Affected by the epidemic situation, many textile companies have experienced sudden increase in inventory, increased cost burden, and tight capital chain due to the reduction or cancellation of orders. In March, a questionnaire survey was conducted on chemical fiber, home textile, silk, apparel, and industrial textiles in the city. More than 90% of the enterprises had inventory at different levels. The silk industry accounted for 38% of the production capacity. , Industrial textiles and other sub-industries account for 2% -15% of production capacity, and garment export enterprises account for about 20% of production capacity.


In this regard, it is recommended that relevant companies should carefully arrange production load, raw material inventory and investment projects under the severe global epidemic prevention and control situation, vigorously prevent and control capital chain risks, and strive to maintain low-speed and stable operation; companies should seize industrial digitalization The opportunities given by globalization will accelerate the application of 5G networks and big data, promote technological innovation, and strive to expand new growth points and form new development momentum.


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