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[The cotton market has dropped ]
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At present, the cotton in Xingtai, Hebei is growing normally, and the cotton has entered the bud stage. The growth indicators are similar to those of the same period last year. Last year, the purchase price of seed cotton was low, and this year was affected by the epidemic. Most people are pessimistic about the purchase of cotton seed farmers this year.


The cotton plant height of the first-class cotton field in the local area is more than 70 cm, the number of fruit branches is 6-8/plant, and the average number of buds is about 10/plant; the height of the cotton plant in the second-class cotton field is 60-70 cm, and the cotton plant is relatively low. The number of fruit branches is 5-7 per plant, and the number of existing buds is about 8 per plant, and there is no flowering. The pests and diseases in cotton fields are relatively light, mainly aphids.


The local weather was relatively arid in the early days. According to the forecast of the local meteorological department, there will be rainy weather in the coming week, and the temperature will drop. The higher temperature will be around 30 degrees Celsius and the lower temperature will be around 22 degrees Celsius. According to local cotton farmers, cotton entering the bud period is a critical period for management. Water and fertilizer needs to be more critical. Water and fertilizer shortage, high temperature and high humidity can easily cause flower buds to fall off. Too much water and fertilizer will lead to excessive growth of cotton plants and affect cotton. Yield.


The main field work of cotton farmers is as follows: First, cultivating soil by cultivating, weeding and weeding to increase soil aeration, moisture retention and lodging resistance. The second is pruning and defoliation, to reduce the loss of nutrients, to reduce the loss of nutrients, and to increase the permeability of cotton fields, some cotton fields have completed a pruning; the third is to prevent pests and diseases, cotton farmers to increase the number of pesticide spraying in a timely manner to prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases.


Last year, the local cotton enterprise seed cotton mainstream purchase price was 3.00-3.20 yuan per catty. This year's cotton market has dropped significantly, and the cotton market is around 12,000 yuan/ton. Most people expect the purchase price of seed cotton to fall in the new year. However, there are also optimists who say: With the recovery of domestic consumption, until the seed cotton acquisition season, the market will improve and Xu Neng will be the same as last year's purchase price.


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