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[What is polylactic acid biomas]
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What is polylactic acid biomass fiber:

    The full name of Polylactic Acid is Poly Lactic Acid (PLA). Although it is relatively unfamiliar, it is completely derived from the natural plants that can be recycled on the earth. Lactic acid is obtained by extracting starch from natural plants such as cassava and undergoing biological strain fermentation technology, and polylactic acid PLA is formed by polymerizing lactic acid. After the product is discarded, it can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water in the soil by the action of microorganisms. When it is burned, it will not emit toxic gas and will not cause pollution. It is a sustainable ecological fiber.
    Since its development, the application of PLA products is no longer limited to the fields of surgical sutures in medical treatment. With the continuous depletion of oil resources and increasing environmental load, PLA has a wider market application space because it is Materials derived from natural and sustainable recycling rather than petroleum-based products.
    PLA fiber (corn fiber) has become an important application direction of polylactic acid due to its excellent characteristics and wide applicability. It is mainly used in textiles, clothing, decorative fabrics and personal hygiene products. PLA fiber (corn fiber) waste generated during the production process can still be recycled and reused, and PLA finished product waste can be composted and degraded to return to nature under an appropriate environment, which is an ecological fiber. Due to the use of bio-based renewable resources for production and complete biodegradability, it has become a global substitute for petroleum-based polymer materials. Therefore, PLA fiber (corn fiber) is known as "green fiber for the 21st century."
    Different from chemical fiber in order to give the fiber higher functionality, various additives are added in the manufacturing process, PLA fiber as a natural biomass fiber, the material itself provides excellent functional properties.

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