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[What material is corn fiber?]
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Corn fiber (PLA in English), the scientific name of polylactic acid staple fiber, is soft and comfortable, strong and durable.Corn fiber  has good resilience, it is easy to recover plump and soft after squeezing, and it is easy to clean, and the appearance of the product can remain unchanged all year round. Products using Corn fiber will not cause skin allergies and also have good gas emissions. These functions are inherent toCorn fiber r and do not need to perform any post-processing, so it will not lose efficacy due to washing or the passage of time.

Corn fiber  has a good function of heat preservation and moisture removal. It can expel the moisture stored between the human body and the fabric, making it more comfortable for people to wear and get a good sleeping environment. Preventing the growth of bacteria is also its unique property, and its unique and inherent low-flammability is another major feature of corn fiber. After testing, it burns slower, automatically extinguishes faster, and emits less smoke. Therefore, corn fiber does not require any processing to meet the main fire protection indicators of textiles, and has very good safety. Natural degradation is not available in many other fibers. Corn fiber can be composted and degraded under appropriate conditions and environments, and the decomposed components can be used to regenerate more resources and achieve sustainable development.

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