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[Corn fiber and corn fabrics ar]
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With the enhancement of human awareness of earth protection, energy exhaustion, safety awareness and clothing hygiene awareness, various plant fibers and biodegradable fibers have entered the public's field of vision. Among them, CornFiber (polylactic acid fiber, PLA fiber) is a synthetic fiber made from corn, wheat and other starches, which is fermented into lactic acid and then polymerized and spun. It has been recommended by many experts as "21 "The Century's Environmental Recycling Material" is an ecological fiber with great development potential. Corn fiber is biodegradable. Corn fiber is light, soft, smooth, strong, moisture-absorbing and breathable. The processed product has silky luster and comfortable skin touch and feel, good drape, good heat resistance and UV resistance. Good performance. Due to the environmental protection and high comfort of materials, major raw material companies and textile and garment companies have a special preference for corn fiber and corn fabrics.
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